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PARA : Platform for Augmented Reality Access

PARA is a device designed for both virtual and augmented/mixed reality applications. It is a heavily modified VR headset, and with two cameras at the front, we analyze the environnment around you in real-time and project virtual objects on-top of your reality.

• Mixed Reality for amazing applications

Interact with virtual objects in your reality! Those new interactions and augmentations can truly change the way you interact with a computer. No keyboard, no touchscreen. Just your hands.

• Mind-blowing Features

PARA is portable, autonomous and networked (Wifi, Bluetooth, IR, GSM). It fully supports websocket and https transport.

Its Field of View is currently at 120° horizontal for maximum immersion.

The embed LeapMotion allows interaction between your virtual objects and your physical hands.

PARA performs SLAM (Simultaneous Location And Mapping) for a better understanding of your environnment and to truly merge the virtual world with the reality.

• Powerful SDK

PARA developers can program scenarios for use-cases starting from today in Unity and import their 3D models and existing animations from any major software (Catia, Autodesk, Blender...).

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Para won the 1st prize during SimDef 2017!

We were competing in an innovation contest organized by ADIS (DGA & industrial french actors like Thalès).

Come visit us and experience our demonstrations at Le Cargo in Paris, FR.
Contact : Stan Larroque or contact@slprocess.net
Our tech is moving fast! We exposed at the Paris Air Show 2017. Para was also featured during SimDef 2017.